Align Brushless ESC RCE-BL15X (15A)

Align Brushless ESC RCE-BL15X (15A)

Manufacturer : Align

SKU : KX880003A

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  • 5-6V step-less adjustable BEC output allowing custom voltage setting to match servo specification.
  • Linear BEC output power system, suitable for 7.4-11.1V (2S-3S) Li battery, with continuous current rating of 2A, and burst rating of 3A. 
  • Three programmable throttle speed settings to support quick throttle response. 
  • Includes soft start and Governor Mode. 
  • Small and compact PCB design for lightweight and simple installation. 
  • Large heat sink for optimum thermal performance. 
  • Highly compatible to work with 98% of all brushless motors currently on the market. 
  • Ultra-smooth motor start designed to run with all kinds of brushless motors. 
  • The power inlet utilizes a Japanese made "Low ESR" capacitor in order to provide stable power source. 
  • The throttle has more than 200 step resolution that provides great throttle response and control.


  • Contimuous current: 15Amps with porper air flow 
  • Surge current: 20Amps 
  • Supporting motor types: 2 poles to 10+ poles in/outrunner brushless motors 
  • Supporting maximum RPM: 2poles=>190,000rpm 
  • Supporting input voltage: 5.5V~12.6V 
  • BEC output voltage: 5-6V step-less adjustment 
  • Supporting battery types: Li-Po 2~3 cells 
  • Size: 42X24X9.3mm 
  • Weight: 15g