Align T-Rex 250

Released in late 2008, T-Rex 250 was Align’s entry into 200 class. Nice quality micro-heli, borrowing many design ideas from its bigger brother, T-Rex 450. There were a few initial problems with the tail but it was quickly handled and fix with a new metal replacement. Mostly plastic parts.


Align T-Rex 250SE

In late August 2009 Align released the improved T-Rex 250 SE. The main differences are:

  • Silver anodize color on all of the aluminum head parts compared to the original black.
  • Upgraded head with new main blade grips (stronger, more metal) and high precision bearings for better flying characteristics. Improved CCPM plate and new metal control lever for better 3D.
  • Upgraded tail with even more grip weights to reduce servo load and improve rudder efficiency
  • The frames include plastic servo mounts.  The original 250 kit used plastic washers and self tapping screws that went through holes in the CF frames.  Now you can use the same self tapping screws right into the frame holes, much like the servo mounting on the T-Rex 700.
  • New anti-rotation guide, with the strengthen frame base to improve structure strength for the main frame.
  • New more efficient 250SP motor
  • 1.3 mm headed screws standard.
  • Carbon Fiber blades 205D come as standard.
  • New, slightly wider canopy


Align T-Rex 250 Pro

  • New frame design, similar to 450 Sport v2.
  • Improved head, which looks similar to 450 Pro v2.
  • The metal anti-rotation bracket
  • The tail servo and gyro gor moved inside the frame to more effectively utilize frame's  inner space (similar to 450 Pro)
  • New canopy design


Align T-Rex 250 Pro DFC

Flybarless version of 250 Pro, with latest DFC Flybarless head, new swash plate and dual point attachment tail slider for zero play and higher precision rudder control