DJI S1000 Standard

Original S1000 released by DJI first. Made with plastic parts


DJI S1000 Premium

Upgrade to S1000 Standard, featuring CNC Aluminum parts instead of plastic on S1000


DJI S1000 Plus

DJI S1000 Plus is an upgrade to S1000 Premium. Main differences as compared to S1000 Premium:

  • New power distribution system  (S1000+ has same as S900) 
  • The S1000+ has a more rigid main frame with dobbel buttomframe for more stiffness. 
  • The S1000+ also comes with new motors and vibrationdampers with spacers in the carbonfibermount. This will protect the dampers from wear becourse they are not in direct contact with the carbonfiber. 
  • Removable upper center board.
  • Some non-critical parts (e.g. motormount and frame arm mounts) are made of plastic instead of CNC to reduce cost.