GAUI announcied new X4 II

This machine was created after seeing the positive feedback from the NX4. It seems like people really liked the simple, strong design of the NX4 so GAUI kept as many parts from the NX4 as possible and simply made an Electric brother! This is great for all of you NX4 owners out there, as you only have to stock one set of parts for both machines!

Shared parts from the NX4 include:

  • The entire Head Assembly
  • The entire Tail Assembly
  • Same Gears (main gear, tail gears, etc)
  • Same Servo Mounts
  • Same Landing gear, spacers, etc
  • Very similar canopy (just modified to accomodate the motor) with a new paint scheme

For a power system, the Engineers at GAUI got a little bit crazy and decided to include the same motor & ESC that ships with the X5. The machine holds up absolutely great and shows no sign of slowing down. Just like its NX4 brother, the X4II is such a blast to goof off with.

Another cool thing is a removable battery tray that can accomodate pretty much any 6s battery size out there. In the X4II, you can run anything from a 6s 2600 pack, all the way up to a 6s5000 pack. This means you can keep your machine super light with a small battery - great for smackdown and showing off… but you can also jam in a bigger pack for a great weekend “beater” or practice machine. Even with such a wide range of batteries, achieving a perfect CG is extremely simple.