GAUI X5 FES Premium Edition (VBAR) 208013

GAUI X5 FES Premium Edition (VBAR) 208013

Manufacturer : GAUI

SKU : G-208013

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  • Newly designed Main Rotor Head and Swashplate which produce quick control response and the best stability.  
  • Kit comes with SCORPION 910KV(1820W) BL Motor / GAUI 100A ESC / 500mm CF Main Blades which provide the best power efficiency and the best power to weight ratio of all EP helicopters. 
  • New layout for Direct-Drive CCPM servos which results in a precisely control to Swashplate. 
  • CF main frame combine with integrated CNC servo / motor mounts result in a high rigidity frame cage to withstand the ultimate power output. 
  • Equipped with heavy-duty torque tube driven tail. 
  • Stylish painted FRP canopy equipped.

This kit includes
  • Gaui X5 FES CF Kit (x1)
  • Canopy (x1)
  • Canopy cover (x1)
  • CF main blades (520L-CFA) (#208305) (x1)
  • X5 CF Tail Rotor Blade Set(82mm)(#208315) (x1)
  • Scorpion Brushless Motor 910KV (1820W)
  • GAUI 100A ESC
  • GAUI Mini VBar (x1)
  • GUEC GS-503 HV Brushless Digital Servo(#922503) x3
  • GUEC GS-504 HV Brushless Digital Servo(#922504) x1
You will also need
  • Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)
  • Receiver (6-channel or more)
  • Li-Po battery 6S1P, 22.2V/4200mAh LiPo
Class550 / .30
Fuel TypeElectric
Tail Rotor Diameter230mm
Tail Blades Size82mm
Main Rotor Diameter1120mm
Main Blades Size500 ~ 530mm
Flying Weight1850g