Graupner Polaron EX Charger (800W, Blue, DC)

Graupner Polaron EX Charger (800W, Blue, DC)

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The Graupner/SJ POLARON EX charger is a workhorse charger designed to dock with the optional POLARON POWER SUPPLY (S2012) or a suitable 11-28V DC power source. Graupner/SJ is known for its advanced battery charger technology, ease of programming with its full color TFT LCD touch screen, and space-saving design. Featuring a maximum 400W output at 24V operation, maxiumum 220W output at 12V operation per side, the POLARON EX is a powerful two channel charger. Using the touch sensitive 3.0" full color TFT LCD screen and specialized touch keypad, it’s a brand new experience in the field of battery charging. No more scrolling through menus to find the profile you're looking for. Program your own charge/discharge cycles, even save custom names for your various batteries. Save up to 20 profiles per channel for a total of 40 profiles. Also logs data during charge/discharge cycles for later review. Plus, the charger also includes bonus features such as two battery temperature sensors, tire warmer, servo tester, ESC setup and motor test capabilities.

Full color 3" TFT LCD touch display for programming charge parameters, monitoring charge progress

Accepts a range of DC power inputs: 11-28 V DC

2 X max 400 W channels (.1--20A) @ 24V DC

1-7 cell LiIon/LiPo with balancing board connectors, 1-14 cell NiMH/NiCd, 1-12 cell Pb/acid

Dual cooling fans reduce temperature during charge and discharge