Align 3g Link Cable Al-hep3gf02

Align 3g Link Cable Al-hep3gf02

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Here are some updates for the new version V3.0:

1. Optimized swashplate routine for smoother aileron and elevator movements
  • 2. Improved pirouetting self-compensation routine, for more axial pirouette and pirouette flip maneuvers
  • 3. Added low heads speed stability feature for more solid auto-rotations
  • 4. Added swashplate forward compensation feature to improve tracking during high speed forward flights, and improve stability during collective pitch movements
  • 5. Optimize stability of smaller helicopters, dramatically improve the 3G system stability when installed on smaller helicopters
  • 6. Optimized helicopter rudder routine, with more stable rudder hard stops and reduced bouncing effect.In addition, rudder has more symmetrical speed during left and right pirouettes, with excellent locking ability
  • TJOOS-16210575