Servo sizes explained

There are four servo sizes which are tyically used on R/C helicopters: 

  • standard
  • mini
  • micro
  • submicro / nano

Let's see how they are different from each other and which should be used where...

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Align T-Rex 250 models

Align is notorious for releasing several variations of the same model without much of the explanation of what exactly was changed, which is very confusing for the average customer. Either you are on the market shopping for new Align helicopter or trying to find parts or upgrades to your T-Rex, it's always nice to know how different versions differ from each other.

In this post we are taking a look at T-Rex 250 and all versions Align ever released to see how they are different. 

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GAUI X5 models comparison

There are several versions of GAUI X5 available on the market. Let's see how are they different..

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A Newly Video Series from Soko Heli Tools, Setp by Step a Goblin 700 with the Soko Kit:

  • Part 01 – Soko Kit Overview
  • Part 02 – Soko Kit assembling
  • Part 03 – Soko Kit in Position 2
  • Part 04 – Soko Kit in Position 1
  • Part 05 – vertical alignment of main shaft
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New Gaui X4 II

GAUI announcied new X4 II

GAUI X4 IIThis machine was created after seeing the positive feedback from the NX4. It seems like people really liked the simple, strong design of the NX4 so GAUI kept as many parts from the NX4 as possible and simply made an Electric brother! This is great for all of you NX4 owners out there, as you only have to stock one set of parts for both machines!

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GAUI X4 II Availability

GAUI X4 II will be released worldwide April 29th, 2013. We are accepting preorders now.

Two configuration will be available:

1) Kit 215002, includes CF main and tail blades

2) Super Combo 215010, includes 

  • CF main and tail blades
  • Motor
  • V-BAR FBL controller
  • Servos
  • ESC
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New Hirobo Embla combos

Introducing new Hirobo Embla combos to bring you the best performance at the best price. Flying High-End 450 class helicopter now is even more affordable than ever!

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DJI S1000 models differences

How is DJI S1000 different from S1000 Premium or S1000 Plus ? Which one should you choose? Let's take a look.

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