Hyperion Vengeance 280 FPV Racer Without VTX (PNP)

Hyperion Vengeance 280 FPV Racer Without VTX (PNP)

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What makes the Vengeance 280 the Next-Generation FPV Racer?
Hyperion’s single-axis camera gimbal gives you the flexibility to adjust your camera pitch angle while in-flight. Never before has a Quad Racer of such power-to-weight ratio offered a single axis gimbal for the best view forward, consistent from hover to top speed. Camera pitch angle is auto-leveling or adjustable from your radio. Hyperion’s built-in OSD makes fine-tuning and setup simple; just plug in your receiver, battery, set up via OSD, connect to your goggles, and fly!

Ultimate FPV Adrenaline.
The Hyperion Vengeance 280 FPV Racer can make YOU the dominant player on any circuit. Rigid carbon-fiber arms with robust aluminum double-supports makes this fully assembled racer light but also incredibly tough. In the event of a crash, the vibration dampened carbon-fiber camera mount will smartly detach during impact. LED indicators help visually identify your current flight mode whether Normal, Altitude Hold, or Acro Mode. Powerful 2804 motors with eight degrees forward tilt give you the aerodynamic performance edge, while the FPV-camera gimbal auto-levels for a consistant view forward. The streamlined, orange-accented carbon-fiber frame, combined with Hyperion’s advanced controller design, will drive your Vengeance racer past the competition, with stylish design and color-appeal

Why the forward motor angle?
To go fast forward your props must be pointed forward. With that simple idea in mind Hyperion went on to pursue perfection. Testing revealed an 8å¡ angle to be ideal, making the transition to fast forward flight quicker, while reducing induced drag on the airframe to a minimum, for the highest accelleration and top speed. While all this all happens, the 600tvl FPV camera with gimbal automatically levels, so you can always see where you are, and where you’re going next!

The Vengeance accepts almost any Receiver
Our expertly modified flight controller is compatible to be used with standard PPM receivers, or single-wire solutions such as S-Bus, Horizon Spektrum䋢 Satellite Compatible, and Hyperion Receivers.

PWM is recommended.

SBUS and PPM don’t support gimbal control.

FPV Ready-To-Go!
The installed 600tvl FPV camera system on single-axis gimbal is mounted to a dampened carbon-fiber plate. The 5.8ghz Video transmitter supports the popular 32CH RaceBand and is 25mw or 200mw selectable. All you need to enjoy the view is a compatible headset or monitor and you are off to the races!

Pure Carbon-Fiber Frame
32 Bit Flight Controller with Cleanflight firmware
The exclusively designed onboard Naze Style 32 Bit Flight Controller handles the eight degree forward-canted motors effortlessly, as it has been programmed specifically for the Vengeance Racer, with pre-tuned flight settings. The pre-loaded Cleanflight software provides extreme maneuverability combined with solid stability.

On-screen Display Features
OSD Data such as Voltage keeps you visually “connected” with your Vengeance. The built-in OSD gives you the flexibility to do what you want to do. Quick and easy Flight settings from the comfort of your own goggles or monitor. Effortlessly change PID and flight settings without a computer.

Pre-loaded Selections for Three Flight Modes
Three different flight modes pre-loaded. Take the guessing out of your quad setup. These pre-loaded flight modes gets you in the air fast, and make for instant tunability to your location and event.

  • Mode 1: Auto-Level (Normal mode)
  • Mode 2: Auto-Level & Altitude Hold (Altitude hold mode)
  • Mode 3: Auto-Level & Altitude Hold & Roll/Loop Mode (Acro Mode)

See your Flight Modes
No more guessing on which flight mode you’re on. Bright LED Indicators on the frame will change based on what you have selected whether Normal Mode, Altitude Hold, or Acro mode.

Blazing LED-infused Landing Gear
Super-Bright Red/Green LED lights flow through the translucent, rugged polymer landing legs, for a clear indication of direction and location from great distances. This helps you when you’re flying visually, or your helps your spotter when you’re flying FPV with goggles. It also shows all the guys behind you where their target is, so throttle up and leave them behind!


  • Fully Assembled: No building or firmware loading necessary!
  • On-Screen Display (OSD): Program or set up your Vengeance on-the-fly, no computer needed
  • In-Flight-Adjustable Single-Axis Camera Gimbal, Self-leveling during flight
  • Vibration Dampened Second-Camera Mount
  • 600TVl 1/3"" CMOS High-Quality FPV Camera
  • Robust, Pure Carbon-Fiber Frame with Carbon Exoskeleton Reinforcements
  • Stress-Flex Designed to Withstand Impacts, Mass centralized for high-rate turning
  • Black-Anodized, High-Strength CNC Aluminum Boom Mounts
  • Tough, Translucent Polymer Landing Legs with Built-in Directional Red-Green LED
  • 8å¡ Forward-Tilt Motor Mounts for Aerodynamic Efficiency and Top Speed Performance
  • Four 2804, 2300Kv High-Output Brushless Motors
  • Custom Compact BL-Heli 20A Motor Controllers (ESC)
  • Visual LED Flight Mode Indicator. Easy to confirm your flight mode
  • Pre-loaded with Three Flight Modes: Normal, Altitude Hold, or Acro Mode
  • NAZE Spec 32 Bit Flight Controller 7DOF (with BMP sensor)
  • Altitude Hold via Integrated Barometric Pressure Sensor (BMP)
  • 3S and 4S Battery Compatible. Hyperion G6 HV LiPo Suggested
  • Tuned 5.8GHz CloverLeaf Skew-Planar Antenna
  • Plug-n-Play Ready for Optional GPS modules
  • Built-in Low-voltage Audible Alarm
  • Compatible with Single Wire* or Traditional Receivers (*S-Bus, Horizon Spektrum‰ã¢ Satellite, or Hyperion Compatible receivers)
    ?PWM is recommended. SBUS and PPM don’t support gimbal control.
  • Box includes Carry Handle and Foam Racer Cradle + Parts Holder, for service as field case
  • One Set 5x3 CC/CCW Propellers Included

Needed for Completion:

  • Battery: 3S/4S, 1200~1800mah (Hyperion G6 HV 60Cmax or 80Cmax recommended)
  • Props: 4S= 5x3, 3S=5x3, 5x4, or 6x3 depending on application (5x3 included with Racer)
  • Transmitter and Receiver
  • FPV Monitor or Goggles
  • VTX system


  • Frame Size: 280mm DeadCat style
  • Motors: 4x 2804-size, 2300Kv High-Ouput Brushless
  • ESC: 4x Hyperion Custom Compact BL-Heli 20A

?Using SBUS: We have confirmed that only FrSky SBUS can be used with Vengeance for now.

FAA registration required