Scorpion QF1 Racing Quad Frame Kit

Scorpion QF1 Racing Quad Frame Kit

Manufacturer : Scorpion


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This upcoming season, there will be more speed and steeplechase competitions.Every good racer needs a good copter in order to win, so Scorpion is proud to announce our new 250 class ultimate aerodynamic FPV racing quad copter--Scorpion QF1.

With fundamental aerodynamic construction, Scorpion QF1 aims at providing fast, stable, and agile maneuverability, giving the ability to race in any extreme race course.

After months of research and design, Scorpion is now able to bring to you perfect engineering and flight characteristics with the QF1. The result is an ultimate FPV Racer, unlike any other quad offered on the market today. Carbon composite material is used to make the frame and top cover, which allows it to have a high structural integrity but also be light in weight.

Every single surface of the Scorpion QF1, from the motor arm to the top rear wings, has its own aerodynamic effects taken into consideration. Disrupted air where the flow separates from the body, combined with aggressive wing profiles increases the straight line speed and minimizes the drag. Air resistance also helps improves slowing down and with cornering forces.

Durable piano wire undercarriages allow the Sky Strider to land on any rough area without damaging the frame. An adjustable battery position also helps to provide the perfect CG.

Scorpion also considered visibility when designing the QF1, for both flying under direct sunlight and in the dark, so the top frames are pained with a bright orange-red colour. More colour options will become available in the near future.

Manual, English version

Diagonal (Motor to Motor)250mm
Width (Arm to Arm)205mm
Height without landing gear85mm
Overall Length240mm
Overall height108mm
Frame thickness1mm
Motor Arm thickness3mm
Motor available sizeM-22 ~ M-25
Propeller available size5"
Net Weight180g
Included in the Box
Main frame * 1 set
Cover *1
** (Motor, camera, transmitter and battery are not included)
Weight including packaging